Dawn Raid Fly-In at Opotiki

Dawn Raid style fly-in at OPOTIKI aerodrome (20nm east of Whakatane) Sunday 25th August, weather permitting.
Bacon & Eggs on toast from 8am. Thumbs up prize on arrival landing. Closest touchdown on imaginary line between threshold markers. No Landing fees. $5 contribution to food. Open to any aircraft capable of landing on 1000m of grass!

Terry Rogers 0274771835
Colin Eggleton 0276556811

Wairarapa & Ruahine Aero Club

Wairarapa & Ruahine Aero Club
invite you to our
Spring Breakfast Flyin
8 September 2013
Prizes for
• First arrival
• Arrival Spot Landing
• Longest distance travelled
• Air Rally Winner (Geoff Mathews Trophy)
Please register for the Air Rally by sending contact details
(including aircraft type and registration) to info@wrac.org.nz
Further details will be on our website www.wrac.org.nz
Enquiries to info@wrac.org.nz
or phone Kevin on 02102466398

Marlborough Aero Club

News & Updates

CAS_7944Night Flying

We have started night flying during the evenings. If you’d like to experience flying in the dark or want a night rating, please get in touch (578 5073) to arrange a date and time.

Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs 2014

Registrations for next year’s competitions will officially open on the 1st August. Due to high demand for places, if you’d like to compete please complete and return the entry form asap.

Club Competitions, Sunday 11th August
The Les Roberts Cup – Instrument Flying Basic Panel. Open to all students and PPL holders.

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HB&EC Aero Club Newsletter

Taildragger weekend 2013 is coming up fast – 14th September. One day someone is going to make John Managh leap off the Jailbar truck with their bombing – maybe this year. I hear some interesting wild fare lunch recipes being mooted. Who can forget Nicole’s peacock pie or Anna’sduck and pheasant pastries – gone in 60 seconds. Goats are trembling in the Kawekas as curries
start gathering flavour down on the plains . . . . Brian’s Cessna is circling the Ruahines rounding up the venison . . . .

To read the latest Newsletter just click on this link….JULY 2013

CHB Aero Club


Subject: newsletter

Hi all,
Newsletter time.
Anything to contribute, please send it in.


The annual club dinner and prize giving, will be held at Oruawharo Homestead on Friday 30th August.
Please start sending me numbers as these will have to confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

The final competitions will continue to be run on Sundays up until the weekend before the dinner.
Namely, non instrument circuit, navigation and private owners landing.

And Finally and most important!!
The Frogley Cup is home where it belongs, gracing our trophy cabinet.
Many thanks to those who “did the job” at the Hastings Dawn Raid last Sunday.

Ross Macdonald

Hawera Aero Club July Newsletter

Hello, This is the latest news from Hawera……….AeroClub Jul13


So with little social flying happening at the
club, there hasn’t been much to put in a
newsletter. We planned to attend, Flat Hills,
Dannevirke and Feilding Dawn Fly Ins, but
alas with winter weather, we didn’t make it
to any. On Sunday, tomorrow is the Hawkes
Bay Fly In, the weather is looking good and
I’m planning on flying in We’ve all read the papers and seen that things are not all rosy in New Plymouth at the moment. I would have liked a message in the newsletter from someone in the know,but no. I know from talking to some of our uncurrent students and pilots that there is some worry that Hawera would come to a stand still in this situation. We have been lucky and we are still flight training, mostwill not notice any difference. Wayne Harrison and Logan Castle are sharing the training in Hawera. On the front cover on the Newsletter is Christ Schoen’s RV7 photographed shortlyafter its first flight. I asked for an article from that pilot, but I think we will have a long wait. Congratulations to Chris for achieving flight, only 6 short years and youwill flying further and faster than the rest of  us. Enjoy  Cheers…Julie

Freeview TV channel ChoiceTV


Hi Everyone,

Freeview TV channel ChoiceTV is airing a new Aviation based documentary series called Martin Shaw: Aviators.

This series follows Martin Shaw (Judge John Deed, George Gently) as he sets about restoring his Boeing Stearman bi-plane and along the way meeting pilots of other remarkable aircraft.

The show airs every Monday 9pm on Choice TV. But remember you will need Freeview TV to pickup this channel!

If you want to find out more about the TV series follow the link to their web page


The HB&EC Aero Club – New Purchase

Hello everyone,

GCE_9119_resizeWe have a replacement microlight for THA coming on line this weekend. The Club has purchased a RANS S-6ES to keep our large number of microlight students in the air. Ex Wairarapa & Ruahine Aero Club with registration ZK-ABE. We will be changing the registration to ZK-KIX in the coming days as Wairarapa want to keep ABE as one of their original rego’s.

Mads Slivsgaard will be collecting ABE in the next couple of days weather permitting.

Bruce Govenlock


Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club
PO Box 2199 Hastings
Phone 06 8798466
email: office@hbecac.co.nz
Website: www.hbecac.co.nz

Hawera 2013 Dawn Fly In

Hawera Aero Club is hosting it’s second annual Dawn Fly In. There with be no landing fees and a good breakfast.
All Welcome! on Sunday 18th August come early and enjoy a fine breakfast. for more info just contact JulieIngram on 021 150 2351 or ja.ingram@gmail.com

Come and join us for a hearty breakfast, spot prizes, landing competition, NO landing fees,  fuel available,  warm fire and great company.



From the RNZAC

Important Notice Please Send to Your Flying NZ Aero Club Members

Hello Flying NZ Aero Clubs

Flying New Zealand along with CAA and the NZ Aviation Federation have made significant progress with the RPL licensing and medical situation.

Following a long series of discussions and meetings CAA have agreed that things needed to change and have actively cooperated to achieve the outcome stated below. This represents a significant shift in position from CAA and they are to be congratulated for the spirit in which the progress was achieved.

Flying NZ still has work in progress with other RPL and PPL issues. These will be outlined at the AGM and Annual Conference in Hamilton next weekend (July 12 and 13) so we would encourage you to come along and participate in the day. The programme is extremely relevant to the modern Aero Club and we are anticipating some very informative sessions. It’s also a chance to meet your executive and ask questions as well as let us know about the things you would like to see implemented.

If you haven’t registered already there’s still time. contact.flyingnz.co.nz/conference-2013-xidc69727.html

Richard Small
Vice President
Royal New Zealand Aero Club Inc.

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Tail Dragger Day 14th September

Tail Dragger Day 14th September at Bridge Pa Hastings

Reminder of Tail Dragger coming up fast. A social gathering of conventional geared airplanes, pilots and friends with an accent on fun. Not a public event. Feel free to pass on the poster to those you think might be interested (you can see we’ve been trying out STOL mods for quite some time at Bridge Pa). We’re looking forward to hosting an eclectic array of fine tail draggers.

If you are thinking about coming along let us know so we can get a handle on numbers.
Usual format We have dinner on Friday night at the club for early birds. Main day is Saturday with the STOL competition and Jail bar bombing. Join in or watch the fun (no fees). $10 covers the wild fare for lunch (courtesy of our club’s hunters). A spot prize or two drawn out of a hat. Casual prize giving dinner.
Sunday morning sees a trip to a local strip and there are opportunities to explore other haunts during the weekend with local flyers.
If you would like to stay with club members for the weekend let us know and we’ll find digs for you.

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Historical Aviation Film Unit

Just click on the link below to see the action scenes from the Wairarapa Airshow

 Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 Action Scenes

This week we bring you a look at some of the awesome aviation footage you’ll find on the Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 DVD (and Blu-Ray) disk.

Unfortunately the release schedule of the DVD/Blu-Ray has slipped a little, and we now expect to be able to ship it in mid-late August. However, one of the reasons for this later than expected release is the fact that we’ve had so much great material to edit — because of this the disk is going to contain well over two hours of awesome aviation video footage. For those of you who are patiently waiting on your disk, please remain patient a little longer — we’re sure you’ll agree that the wait will be worth it.

Wings Over Wairarapa DVD/BluRay For those of you who have not yet indicated your interest in picking up a copy of this years disk, then do check out the details here on our website.

A new option that you’ll find on the order form is that you can add a mere $12.50 and also receive a copy of the Wings Over Wairarapa 2011 Video Highlights DVD as well! If you’ve already ordered a 2013 disk and you’d like to have the 2011 one as well, simply email us and request that we add the 2011 DVD to your existing order.

In the meantime, we’ll get back into the editing suite and make sure that we get the 2013 disk finished off just as soon as we can!

Best Regards,

Allan & Alex.

“Let’s Not Forget”. # 06.

Anzac Day. 25th April, 2013. Reflections on RNZAF and RAAF aircrew losses in Europe. They are not forgotten.

As I was watching the various ANZAC memorial services in New Zealand and Australia this morning, I reflected on the contribution that the young men of both nations made during the nearly six years of the air war in Europe.

A. Short Stirling crew.

The crew of a Short Stirling, the first of the RAF’s four-engined Heavy bombers. 

The aircrew losses incurred by the RAF were staggeringly frightful with 65,727 killed or missing and another 16,297 wounded. Continue reading