Creating Drama

When we are just starting our way on photography, we must get knowledge from From the start, we just have to learn a few tricks and most of them are not really that complicated. One of the tricks is to be able to tell right which direction should the eyes of our subject should point to so we can produce a photogenic image of them. If we can notice, beautiful portraits are often produce by letting their subjects look down. This can give their audience a more dramatic feeling in the pictures. This can even extend a feeling to those who will be watching this picture. Another trick is to depict a scene as if they subject is looking away from the camera and sticking their eyes other than the lenses of the camera. This can be producing a good candid feeling that might impress the audience of our picture. They might even be concerned about which object the subject is focusing their eyes into. It would even wonder them if our subject is smiling or laughing. This can really arouse an interest to those people who are looking in the picture. Then they could say that our picture is really worth looking into.