Distorted View of Themselves


When people want to build muscles, it would be helpful when they take in protein powder NZ as part of their routine. More and more people have been concerned about how they look and there is nothing wrong with that. Many people have good looks and it comes out naturally for them.


The sad part is, seeing other people pull off good looks just make matters worse because it puts pressure on many teenagers. They have become obsessed with their physical looks. With this overboard, people had distorted view of what is real beauty. They think that the skinnier they get, the better they look but they were wrong.


Social media and entertainment industry have supported this wrong view about beauty. The audience did not know that the models they were looking up to was usually Photoshopped and often undergo extreme trainings and adjustments to only look good in pictures. Their beauty on photos were only enhanced by the power of computer. This often leads to misery when teenagers try to copy everything on printed media and electronics as well. This does not lead to happiness for the onlookers because they would push themselves too hard to have that look.