Learning A Few tricks


Being a wedding photographer in Auckland, it takes a lot of pressure to everyone watching. We have to bring with us a lot of camera tricks so we would be able to capture beautiful images of the event. We know how difficult it is to cover a wedding but we would be able to manage if we would be able to prepare ahead.


There are a lot of techniques available everywhere. We just have to be patient to learn them in verbal and actual practice. One of the things that every photographer should know is that they must be willing to take any positions just to take a good picture. It is never a good idea to shoot from our height when our subjects are lower than us. For example, it is good to be on our knees when we are taking pictures of children or even animals.


Sitting down can still be a good position when we have subjects that are higher than us. For example, we might be able to get a good angle when we sit down and shot a building from below. We can emphasize the height and the structure when are shooting from below. These are just some of the few tricks that we can learn.