Qualities of a Good Industrial/Commercial Electrician

For all electrical services in Christchurch, go to commercial electricians Christchurch. Electricians offer a range of services that are home, commercial or industrial based. They majorly include testing, repair, and maintaining electrical equipment. As a client, in case you are in need of an electrical service, you will be looking out for only the best. This article will give you an idea of what characteristics make up a good industrial/commercial electrician.


He/she should have completed their studies and a variety of apprenticeship courses associated with being an electrician. This is very important as it means they possess practical working knowledge of the field.


Good industrial/commercial electricians specialize as it is impossible to learn all the skills involved in the electrical field. Ideally, they should specialize in one or two areas.


Good industrial/commercial electricians are able to work effectively as part of a team because so much is involved in the field and often different people can be assigned different tasks as part of a whole project. So good electricians are able to communicate effectively with supervisors and the rest of the team.

Effective communication skills

As described above communication is very important for teamwork, and also while working with clients. For example, good industrial/commercial electricians should be able to explain to the client what is wrong with their machinery.

Fast and clear thinker

Often work of an industrial/commercial electrician will involve deadlines, a good electrician should be able to clearly assess and figure out what the problem is quickly so that they can start on the repair.


Sometimes the work of an industrial/commercial electrician may involve working in confined places or working odd hours. He/she should be flexible enough to get things done no matter the time of the day or night. Gladly, electricians usually work in shifts but in case something requires extra time to get done. One should be available and willing to get it done.