Starting the Change


Because we live in this irreplaceable world, we need to educate ourselves and even immersed ourselves with the advocacies being promoted by Bio Marinus. We would be able to find a handful of information on how we can contribute into the work of saving Mother Earth. We have to make ourselves more responsible and more usable so that our earth would feel that it is significant.


How can we show that we are concerned about its existence? Once and for all, we have to start with ourselves and start within our home. We can create a big change when we also start the change within ourselves. We cannot change others when we ourselves, neglect the much needed changes in us. We have to reflect carefully in what ways we should start changing ourselves. Some people might try to reject this thought but it is always what we need to keep our hopes alive that we can still turn things around. Many people even give up because they see around them that people and things are hopeless. What they do not know is that they still have hope and they still have a choice. We just hope that they would choose the right one.