Why You Must Rent a Car for Your Trip This Summer

Epic Rentals - Kerikeri is the best choice for renting a car if you're travelling near Bay of Islands, NZ. Why spend time staying ahead of the tour schedule, when you can move at your own pace and explore the sights at your heart's desire? Here are a couple of advantages from renting a car on travel:

More Leisure

Why should you have to get up early, rush through picking up carry-ons, only to have to wait for the entire travel group to gather? Having a car available means sightseeing with more leisure and less chasing the clock. 

A rental gives you the flexibility to move faster between locations, which means you'll have more time to take a break, and stop to explore local venues, coffee shops, or restaurants, whenever you feel like it.

Lower Costs

When you pay for a trip, you're also providing a nice portion for the tour guides and the transportation between locations. Renting your vehicle is money-saver as it is a one-time payment, and you only need to pay for the gas.


With a private vehicle at your disposal, you have more space to store carry-on belongings, play the music you love, and talk to your friends in private. You don't have to think about discomforting other passengers, and you also enjoy privacy from curious eyes. Another advantage of renting a car is more quiet time and less chit-chat from other passengers you would typically hear on a bus.

Your Belongings Are Safe!

Safety of personal belongings is at the back of one's mind on every trip, regardless of how safe the place is. Providing yourself with a vehicle means moving fewer items around between locations, as you are free to store some of them in the trunk or inside the car.

Renting a car over travelling with a group by bus is a better choice if you know your way around the area. If you're about to head our way, think about all of the benefits and rent a car with a simple call!